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The Baron’s Manor Pub in Surrey BC

Originally built c. 1900 in late Victorian Homestead style, east/west wing added c. 1910 by von Mackensen in Edwardian and Craftsman style with romantic elements such as castellated tower, shaped dormer and portico verge board, exaggerated flares in eaves. Also features two corbelled brick chimneys, oriel window in south gable end, double and triple sash casement windows with pebbled glass window in west and south transom, patterned glazing in north transom. In 1915, von Mackensen was accused of spying, interned at Vernon, and deported to Germany in 1919.

Protected by Heritage Revitalization Agreement By-law, 2005, No. 15623 (PDF).
Come in and relax enjoy Barons great food and Ale.

The Barons manor pub in surrey bc

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